Friday, September 11, 2009

Fair Week!

Simply put, this week is one of the best times of year. When the air starts turning a little brisk and the days start coming to an end earlier than you'd like, you know that the FAIR is here! What more could you ask for? This year was a bitter sweet reunion with the fair for me. This is the first time that April wasn't there with me. In person. I know she was gliding along side me in SpiRit. Ashlyn paid tribute to her mom by singing "The Climb" Her first time singing on a big stage! Beautiful little angel. I also had the opportunity to compete in Idaho Idol. What a great experience. So many talented people and new friends made. I was so surpise to hear my name announced as the winner! I know April had something to do with it. I sang for her.What more could you ask for.